How to create a successful DIY Party Planning with these Tips

How to create a successful DIY Party Planning with these Tips

Successful DIY Party Planner tips in Singapore be an enjoyable learning process – especially when you have your closest friends or family members in your team. Although it may be challenging at times, planning for your own party can allow you to acquire a new set of skills and perhaps even discover some hidden talent that you never knew you possess.

successful DIY party planner tips Singapore

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Here are some tips on how to master the art of organizing events by experienced party planners in Singapore: –

  1. Party Planner Tips – Drafting an outline.

Just like how architects draw their plans before transforming them into blueprints, writers draft skeletons before producing actual manuscript, party planners should always work on an outline first to have an overview of how their event is going to take place.

It is highly recommended that you start off by drawing a map, which will enable you to have a bird eye view of the entire process of your event. Doing so will allow you to identify every single detail you need, from the venue selection to the decoration to the catering and guest list invitation. After which, you should look at how you can execute your event given the budget you have.

This step shouldn’t be taken lightly as it is very crucial in ensuring that your party will take place smoothly and successfully.


  1. Party Planner Tips Tapping on your network of connections.

Considering that you are new to party planning, you should always turn to your existing network of friends or family members for help. You would never know, but they are the ones who might be able to assist you in getting your tasks done. If you have friends with specific skills such as baking, they might even grant you a special friendship discount for their service!

Therefore, the next thing you should do after drawing the outline is to think about how your current contact can be of good used for your event planning. Will they be able to provide you with the goods and service needed? Or alternatively, are they able to refer you to vendors and establishments?

Having friends who are willing to partake in your party planning is very valuable as they will be there to provide you with the support needed in order to execute your dream party.

  1. Party Planner Tips – Keeping up with the trend.

Staying up to date with the latest trends and fad will allow you to be well-versed with the various types of themes that would be able to please the crowd. For example, if you are planning a birthday party for your 5 years old child, perhaps a “Frozen” theme party with a special appearance of “Elsa” will definitely be a crowd pleaser for your child and her friends.

Keeping up with the trend is simple. You can do so by browsing magazines, conducting research online, or even watching some relevant shows. Doing so will widen your knowledge and expose you to the trends happening around the world. It would also encourage you to be more creative and innovative in the planning of your party. The ideas you get from these media platforms will allow you to come up with better options on how to pull of your event successfully.

  1. Party Planner Tips – Negotiating.

The one thing that all party planners in Singapore have in common is the ability to negotiate for prices. They often do so by working their charms to attain better value for their money.


It is important to note that negotiating is not about cutting the throat of your vendors and squeezing them dry. Instead, negotiating is actually a skill of convincing them to provide you with an exclusive discount, or freebies, or better access to their goods and services.

No one said it’s going to be easy. It is going to be tough and will require a bit of courage to negotiate for a better deal. It’s about gaining the trust of the providers and convincing them why you should be given an exclusive deal.

party planner tips Singapore

How to play a successful DIY party !

We strongly believe that this wouldn’t be a problem for most Singaporeans. After all, haggling is one of our greatest fortes. It’s time to unleash your skill and put it into action.


Planning for a party can be complicated at times – even for seasoned party planners. However, following these tips allow you to execute your dream party with ease and confidence! 🙂

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