4 tips to be your own DIY Party Planner in Singapore.

4 tips to be your own DIY Party Planner in Singapore.

Planning for a party can be very exciting. Should you ever decide to take charge of organizing such an event, you will definitely feel the adrenaline rush in getting everything on board in order to get the party started. Here’s some tip on how to be a  DIY Party Planner in Singapore.

DIY Party Planner in Singapore

Something Exciting to look forward to ! – First time DIY party planner in Singapore !

Being in-charged of event planning will encourage you to put in extra effort in ensuring that everything goes smoothly.You will automatically be responsible in overseeing each and every task under the plan that you have outlined. Hence you will feel as though you are capable of doing anything!


It is important to also note that planning for your own party can be a very tedious task. Simply consider the matter of a planning for a birthday party. If you would like to treat it as a proper event, you will have to cover everything ranging from…

  1. Venue booking: Transportation, convenience
  2. Menu: Catering, allergies of guests and even cultural considerations
  3. Guest List: scheduling and ensuring that everyone comes on time
  4. Seating arrangements
  5. Lighting
    …. Etc.

As such, although it may seem exciting to plan for your own event, it is not suitable for the faint-hearted. It can lead to unnecessary stress especially when things doesn’t go according to your way, and if you are unable to handle the headache and frustrations that comes along with it, all that you have prepared for may crumble in just a snap!


Therefore, some people will simply choose to hire a party planner in Singapore.

However, some people are truly up to these tasks and find joy in organising such things. As such, the DIY option would be great idea! Here are some handy tips to consider should you choose to organize a party on your own:

  1. Write your plan.


First and foremost, to be DIY Party Planner in Singapore –  before you begin executing anything that has popped straight into your mind, it is crucial that you jot down your plans into paper first. You can start off by writing your vision of an awesome party (e.g. how do you want it to happen; where should it take place; how it should look like). Doing so will allow you to see the kind of extravaganza that you wish to achieve, and from there you will be able to dive into the details.

During the brainstorming of your plan, you should also take into account the things that you are intending to use (e.g. venue to host the party; food to be served; seating accommodation; http://pharmacy-no-rx.net extra perks- such as live performances, emcees, games etc.).

It is essential that you can see how your party looks like, because you will be working on this blueprint until the event day.

  1. Work on a budget.
DIY Party Planner in Singapore

Save lots of money if you can be a DIY Party Planner in Singapore!

The next step to planning an awesome party is to plan your budget! How much are you willing to spend for this party? Of course, you will need to raise funds till it’s enough to cover the costs of the party you are working on. Unfortunately, if your current budget isn’t sufficient to meet your party needs, then you may have to decide whether to cut down on your event costs or to find other means to increase your funding.

Important note: Without the right amount of funds, it is almost impossible to pull off the party that you’ve been working on.

  1. Scout.


After harmonizing for your plan and budget, it’s time to proceed to the next step – canvassing. It would be highly recommended that you put on your most comfortable shoes for walking, as there will be lots of strolling and roaming taking place during this phase.

During the scouting phase, you will be required to reach out to a plethora of vendors that offer the things required for your party. If required, you may also need to make a personal trip down to check out their offers in person (especially for venue selection and catering services).  Otherwise, with today’s technology advancement, you may simply do the transactions online.

An important tip to note: It is not necessary that you have to choose the cheapest offer. It is crucial that you take into account the service quality as well, to prevent yourself from paying for sloppy work in the long run.

  1. Invite.

Last but not least, what’s a party without the guests! When planning a party on your own, you will also be taking charge of sending out invitations to your guest list. If you have too many things on hand, you might want to have this task assigned to someone who is a ‘people person’, such as a party planner in Singapore! This person will assist in sending the invites and following up to confirm the final attendance list to your event.



This task shouldn’t be taken lightly as it can be very frustrating. Especially when you encounter guests who takes FOREVER in confirming their attendance. However! If you know how to build rapport with just about everyone, then this chore will be a breeze for you 🙂


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