Marketing your brand at public events is the ideal way in which to advertise your company as you never know how many people you will reach. At Scoopy, we have many years’ experience in branding retail displays where communities and people gather and we know exactly how to reach these audiences.

Our event activation campaigns can help you to influence your target market in ways you never thought possible. If you would like to achieve your next level of greatness, speak to us today!

Custom-made for you

Fully Customisable

Here at Scoopy, we offer our customers a wide range of incredible options for high quality, custom-built food trucks. We believe that since every menu is unique, so should your food truck be unique! When customizing your food truck, we allow you to personalize it according to your particular catering business: right down to the rims of the actual food truck! This allows you to be more effective at what you do and to maximize sales.

Event Activation

Our branding retail displays enable you to have a huge impact on the market you are intending to reach. Regardless of whether you are a roaming food truck on the street, a food truck at a festival or you are catering at a trade show, we can help you to market your brand effectively while, at the same time, curbing those hunger pangs!

In addition to all this, our highly impactful automotive props ensure that you get your brand out there in the best way possible. Speak to us about our event activation and learn how we can bring your brand to the next level!

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