5 Fun Facts About Fresh Popcorn you might not yet know about.

5 Fun Facts About Fresh Popcorn you might not yet know about.

No one can deny the fact that Fresh Popcorn is their go-to snack especially for events & carnivals! I mean… Who doesn’t love popcorn? 5 Fun Facts About Fresh Popcorn you might not yet know about.

Whether served fresh from a pot or the popcorn machine, fresh popcorn is one of the most popular treats you can find in the world today. Not only is it light, but also tasty! And it can come in different flavors to suit anyone’s taste!  Cheese popcorn anyone?


Here are 5 interesting facts of popcorn that you probably didn’t know!

  1. The History of Popcorn

Popcorn comes from a particular type of corn grain and the kernels contain moisture, which will burst when in contact with extreme heat. Therefore, in order to intensify the popcorn production process, Charlie Cretors invented the first ever popcorn machine in 1893.

Years later in 1925, home poppers were introduced into the market, which enables anyone and everyone to cook their own popcorn snacks at the convenience of their own home!

Do you also know that popcorn was one of the foods used in experimenting microwave technology?

Scientist Percy Spencer discovered that kernels would pop when they are exposed to microwave heat. Hence this resulted in further experiments on the microwave technology, which eventually resulted in the discovery of the microwave oven that we are using today.

  1. Caring for your Kernels


Ever wondered where to keep your uncooked popcorn kernels?

Well, the ideal location to store them is in an airtight bag or container in room temerature (anywhere but the refrigerator). Doing so will ensure that the kernels will remain not only fresh, but also moist at the same time. The moisture in the kernels, once lost, will prevent the kernel from popping successfully as it is one of the fundamental elements required in order for it to pop.

If you have a stack of popcorn kernels to store, it is highly recommended that you keep them in a cool and dry pantry or cupboard instead.

  1. Popcorn as a historical figure

Apart from being instrumental in modern scientific technologies, popcorn has been part of world history for many years!

The Aztecs used it for celebrations and special ceremonies whereby women will dance with popcorn garlands in their hair. Popcorn was also used as adornments for headdresses, ornaments, and other adornments on the statues of their deities. It has been around since 4700 BC. In Peru, the kernels were not only popped for consumption, but were also ground and made into flour!

5 Fun Facts About Popcorn you might not yet know about.

Fresh Popcorn for your event

Lastly, during WWII, popcorn was used as a substitute for the limited supply of candy and was rationed to the American troops just for them to get their sweet tooth cravings satisfied.

  1. Some health facts

Do you know that fresh popcorn actually contains high amount of vitamins, min
erals and proteins? In fact, a cup of popcorn has only 31 calories! Of course, more calories are added when seasonings and flavorings, such as butter, salt and sugar are fused into the cooked popcorn snack.

And oh something even more surprising… Popcorn actually contains more protein than other cereals, and higher amounts of iron compared to eggs and roast beef. Bet you didn’t know that too!

  1. Popcorn in Business
Fresh Popcorn

all time favourite movie cinema snack – Fresh Popcorn

Although fresh popcorn has been around and sold commercially over the last century, its sales do fluctuate. During the Great Depression, where many industries were deeply affected, the popcorn industry was one of the few industries that managed to outlive the depression due to its low cost of investment and high demand (compared to other snacks and treats).

It is also said that the
ups and downs of popcorn sales is largely attributed to the movie industry. During summer months, there will be an increase in order for popcorn treats – as these are the times when most of the anticipated movies are shown. After which, it will decline for a period before skyrocketing once again during Christmas.

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